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Solar Panel Systems

GSA provides off-grid solar power systems in various sizes raging from 500W systems to mini-grids. Systems are sized depending on the customer’s needs, and performance of the system is determined largely by utilization behavior of the customer.

System selection begins with a site survey, which provides our technicians with an opportunity to observe what appliances, lights, and other electronic equipment are being used at the home. The technician will identify the amount of power each piece of equipment and appliance needs, and combine that with a calculation of how often each piece of equipment will require power throughout the day. Once the total load and use patterns are determined, GSA can then identify the right system for the home.

The most popular system, the scalable system, starts at 500w with the ability to scale it up to a 2kW system which can provide enough energy for a small home that utilizes few appliances. This system can be used to power a refrigerator throughout the day, along with lighting for 2-3 rooms, fans, and small electronic devices. It can also service momentary larger draws of power such as electricity needed for a small washing machine, microwave, and a TV.

The medium sized system is a 3kW system that provides energy to support longer duration energy needs. This system can be used to run a refrigerator or freezer, regular use of an air conditioner, and intermittent use of lights, electronics, TV, and washing machine.

The larger system is a 5kW system that can support regular use of air conditioner to cool the home throughout the day, refrigerator or freezer, lighting, TV, electronics, and increased use of washing machines, microwaves, and electric ovens.


System Size Solar Charging Time Load Quantity Run Time (Hr)
2kw scalable

2-8 Panels

7-8 hours in full sunlight LED Light 6 5
TV 1 8
Fan 2 4
Computer 1 3
Washing Machine 1 1
System Size Solar Charging Time Load Quantity Run Time (Hr)
3 kW

12 Panels

7-8 hours in full sunlight LED Light 6 20
TV 2 5
Air Conditioner 1 3
Computer 1 3
Refrigerator 1 3-4
Washing Machine 1 1
System Size Solar Charging Time Load Quantity Run Time (Hr)
5 kW

16 Panels

7-8 hours in full sunlight LED Light 12 24
TV 2 8
Air Conditioner 2 3
Computer/Gaming 1 3
Refrigerator/Freezer 1 3-4
Washing Machine 1 1
Dryer 1 1


The performance of all of the solar off-grid solutions described above is dependent on the energy needs of the home. Increased use of all appliances throughout the day affects the amount of power available at night as well as the amount of charging required to bring the battery cells to full power.

Systems can be mixed within one home to provide energy for specific needs. Imagine the use of a large system to power air conditioning and washing and drying needs, and a small system to serve the lights and electronics in the home. The possibilities vary with each home.

Site Survey


An initial site survey is conducted by our operations team and scopes out the property to determine what system will be suitable for the customer.



A follow up visit is made by our operations team to assess the customers energy needs and consumption levels. Customer pays deposit for recommended system and shipment order is placed.

Installation and Testing


On your scheduled installation date we will install the solar system at your house and have you powered within a few hours. GSA conducts 24 hour system test.

Enjoy Solar Power!


Enjoy your low cost, noise free, environmentally friendly energy with no worry of power outages.

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