Take control over your energy needs!

Harness solar energy to power economic growth, increase business opportunities, and empower communities and homeowners. Take control of your energy needs!

Solar is the future of energy. It is clean, renewable, and abundant– providing an easy way to power your energy needs. Green Solar Africa provides simple yet proven energy solutions that will free you from blackouts and daily power failures. Let Green Solar Africa help you enjoy reliable and consistent electricity for you home energy needs and reduce your energy costs!

How it Works


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We partner with real estate developers and residents to establish green energy solutions for local communities. Choose Green Solar Africa to receive 24 hour customer service, 25 year warranty on solar panels, insurance for solar panel systems, and maintenance package.


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Solar electricity translates into business success! Solar energy is being deployed to our commercial clients to help lower operating costs and increase profits. Green Solar Africa will help you to assess your energy needs and develop a solution that keeps your business going while others wait for the electric to come back online.

Rural Initiative


Green Solar Africa believes in providing energy to underserved communities as a core pillar of our vision. 59% of the population in Sub-Saharan Africa have no access to electricity despite the fact that Africa is rich in renewable resources. We will provide affordable system or at no cost for urban and rural communities in need.

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